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How to jumpstart your new hedge fund Career

Individuals interested in joining the dynamically growing hedge fund industry often do not know where to begin with their hedge fund career search. Part of the problem is that the hedge fund industry has regulatory impediments against advertising their services to the general public. Beginning your new hedge fund career means knowing how and where to obtain pertinent information, which will guide you through the search and interview process. The following steps will guide you through the process of securing your desired hedge fund career.

You must learn how to conduct due diligence on Hedge funds

Due Diligence begins with a screening check to determine the background of the potential hedge fund employers, often such check includes a review of performance history, the fund's strategy and as well as its risk control.

Today many hedge fund companies provide such information on their websites, as transparency has been notching up since the era of the collapse of Long Term Capital Management about 7 years ago. A simple search engine inquiry will help you achieve this goal. Conducting this step will also enable you to identify the leading hedge fund companies, often such companies offer better pay and compensation packages for their hedge fund jobs.

Crafting your resume and cover letter for hedge fund career

A good resume and cover letter often distinguishes you from the rest of the pack. Hedge fund careers often require specific knowledge in the asset management realm. It is always a good idea to list all pertinent experiences you have acquired over the years that may help your job search. If necessary, employ the services of professionals to help you in this process.

Your knowledge and understanding of hedge fund strategies will prove very beneficial to your effort. There are some good books that will help you understand how hedge funds conduct their business. Once your resume and cover letter are done, you are now ready to blast them to potential hedge fund employers.

You may also want to list your resume in hedge fund sites with heavy traffic and let employers discover you. One such site considered as one of the leaders in such arena is the Hedge Fund Employment website [] there are many hedge fund jobs listed on the site, so you may also want to check such website for new hedge fund job listings, from time to time.

Preparing for your interview

You should leave no stone unturned once you get to the interview process. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, so you should be prepared to present yourself to the potential employer as a very confident and experienced professional. Be prepared also to prove to the potential employer that you are very knowledgeable about hedge fund operations. Expect specific questions about some aspects of hedge fund management, regulatory, compliance, due diligence and how hedge funds earn their living. You should be prepared as well to answer a question on how much compensation you expect. You should familiarize yourself with the average hedge fund compensation for the position you are applying before the interview.

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